The schedule consists of five major academic blocks that rotate over a six-day cycle. Academic classes are 80 minutes in length and arts classes are 60 minutes. Students have three major academic classes a day, along with one course in the arts and technology and a weekly course in philosophy and religion.

There is a break between each academic class that allows students to absorb and consolidate skills and knowledge, as well as to rest and replenish their energy, before heading into their next class. Longer classes allow for depth of investigation, multi-sensory learning, individual and group work, project-based instruction, applications of knowledge, and adequate preparation for homework assignments.

Three days a week, students start the day with fitness and physical education. Athletic facilities include our multi-purpose fitness rooms within the high school building, the Fourth Avenue gymnasium, the adjacent New York Health and Racquet Club facilities, NYHRC’s Whitehall Street squash courts, and the Houston Street Center gymnasium and swimming pool.

The high school schedule provides ample time for students and faculty to meet in small groups and one-on-one. Advisory meets daily, and there is an hour for lunch. Advisory serves as a student’s home base and provides for academic advising, social development, and emotional support.

Advisories work closely with the School Chaplain, Grade Dean, and other faculty to develop the program for Thursday morning Chapel and Community Meeting. Both Chapel and Community Meeting are non-denominational and inclusive celebrations of our shared values. Chapel and Community meeting alternate between Grace Church and the High School building.

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