Creativity and individuality are carefully nurtured and encouraged. As children discover the excitement and satisfaction of learning, they also come to appreciate the values we share with the entire school community.

During play children learn to build friendships, advocate for themselves, foster community, and be empathetic. An important part of both junior kindergarten and kindergarten is daily Choice Time, when children play with their peers in other classrooms. They choose their own activities from a variety of manipulatives, games, building, and art materials. They also enjoy outside time on the playroof. As the eldest students in Early Childhood, first graders learn a sense of responsibility by helping their junior kindergarten and kindergarten friends in the dining room during lunch time and completing their daily homework assignments. First graders continue to acquire important social skills during their recess and free time when they can play with their peers.Through these daily activities, each child learns to navigate the community and their own place within it. 

During their weekly Chapel services, junior kindergarteners, kindergarteners, and first graders hear stories that encompass a variety of faiths and religions. Chapel is held in the church every Wednesday. Children develop a strong sense of self as well as an appreciation for those around them. Chapel stories embody kindness, respect, and inclusivity that is at the core of our Grace community. Children have the opportunity to share their hopes and wishes each week when they write their own prayers, which are read aloud during Chapel. 

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Grace Church School is a co-educational independent school in downtown Manhattan, New York City providing instruction for nearly 800 students in Junior Kindergarten through Grade 12.