Students are inspired by the rich art resources in surrounding galleries, museums and public spaces. 
Visual and studio art allow students to create original art as a means of self-expression. In Early Childhood children develop visual awareness and perception by learning a variety of art making skills. In Lower School students are taught basic art concepts and new vocabulary as they learn visual communication skills. Middle School students learn more advanced techniques, which demand more independent thought related to the conceptual and technical aspects of creating art. In High School students further develop their aesthetic and cognitive abilities through regular exhibitions of student work, as well as visits to working artists' studios, museum and gallery visits, and workshops.

Student works move from the classroom to fill the hallways, walls, and display cases with color and life. On any given day you can take a walk through a papier mache Dog Show, visit ancient China through the eyes of replica Terra Cotta Warriors, or have your world transformed by giant 3D sculptures. Our nine art studios include spaces for 2D, 3D, digital arts, and have two kilns. Students take advantage of the rich art resources in the surrounding neighborhood and wider New York City by visiting world class galleries and museums and using public space both to work and as inspiration.
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